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It Sure Sounds Like the NFL and NFLPA Are Going to Get in a Revenue Battle Soon
03/06/2020 14:41 by 90min
The NFL is going to have some major financial issues due to a reduced amount of fans in the stands a..
Former Eagles DT Timmy Jernigan Claims He Won't Be Joining Texans Despite Reaching Agreement
03/06/2020 13:26 by 90min
The offseason from hell for Houston Texans overlord Bill O'Brien has yet to cease. Now, one of his u..
NFL Network Producer Compiles Absolutely Massive Document in Defense of Dak Prescott
03/06/2020 02:22 by 90min
When thinking about the most polarizing player in the NFL, look no further than Dallas Cowboys quart..
Latest Buzz Suggests NFL is at Risk of Repeating MLB's Huge Mistake in Revenue Talks With Players
02/06/2020 21:03 by 90min
While the NFL and its players' union haven't made any hard and fast decisions about how (or if) the ..
James Conner Comments on Lack of Extension Talks With Steelers
02/06/2020 20:06 by 90min
After a down year in 2019, James Conner is entering the final season of his rookie contract after he..
NFL Fans React Negatively to Brian Urlacher's Support for Donald Trump Amid George Floyd Protests
02/06/2020 19:45 by 90min
Former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher is one of the greatest players and most respected figures in ..
Defiant Eric Reid Takes NFL Teams to Task Over 'Blackball Tuesday' Tweets
02/06/2020 19:17 by 90min
Free agent Eric Reid has been one of the most outspoken figures in the NFL dating back to 2016, when..
Mitchell Trubisky Posts First Social Media Message of 2020 in Solidarity With George Floyd Protests
02/06/2020 18:53 by 90min
After disappearing on Instagram after a disappointing 2019 season, Mitchell Trubisky made his return..
Steelers Third-Round Pick Alex Highsmith Picks up Degree From Charlotte
02/06/2020 18:21 by 90min
In addition to recording 15 sacks last season and getting drafted in the third round by the Steelers..
Trent Williams Backs Jimmy Garoppolo While Throwing Shade at Redskins Past QB Situation
02/06/2020 17:50 by 90min
The unexpected retirement of Joe Staley played a vital role in Trent Williams' decision to tag the S..
Sean Payton Delivers Powerful Twitter Message and Calls for Change Amid Nationwide Protests
02/06/2020 17:39 by 90min
The murder of George Floyd has sparked civil unrest across the country, as protests, some of which u..
Patriots Irresponsible Financial Decisions Could Finally Bite Them in 2020
02/06/2020 17:09 by 90min
Over the past 20 years, the Patriots have been the class of the NFL, winning six Super Bowls in that..
Peter King Thinks Cowboys Drafting CeeDee Lamb Was a Mistake and He's Very Wrong
02/06/2020 17:05 by 90min
The Dallas Cowboys entered the 2020 NFL Draft with Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup as the top two wi..
Chargers HC Anthony Lynn Asserts Colin Kaepernick Should Still Be an NFL QB in No-Holds-Barred Message
02/06/2020 16:34 by 90min
Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn is one of only three black head coaches in the NFL. His..
LeSean McCoy Thinks He'll Be a Hall of Famer and He's Not Correct
02/06/2020 16:13 by 90min
LeSean McCoy has surely delivered an impressive NFL career. Headlined by prolific numbers with the B..
Browns Should Stick it to Jadeveon Clowney and Sign Everson Griffen
02/06/2020 15:24 by 90min
It goes without saying that Jadeveon Clowney is the single best free agent still available. The thre..
3 Lions Players Who Won't Survive in Detroit Beyond This Season
02/06/2020 15:05 by 90min
The 2019 NFL season was a difficult one for head coach Matt Patricia and the Detroit Lions. Mounted ..
Take a Look Inside Former Packers WR Randall Cobb's Sold Ledgeview Home
02/06/2020 14:49 by 90min
Randall Cobb hasn't played in Green Bay since 2018, and the last remnant of his presence in Wisconsi..
VIDEO: Gronk Gets WWE 24/7 Belt Taken in Surprise Attack in His Own Backyard
02/06/2020 14:28 by 90min
Rob Gronkowski was only signed to WWE for a few months, but he already set a pretty noteworthy recor..
Here's How the Giants Could Acquire Yannick Ngakoue From the Jaguars
02/06/2020 14:14 by 90min
The Jacksonville Jaguars and Yannick Ngakoue have a relationship that is already shattered. The defe..
This Bears Player is a Surprise Breakout Candidate for 2020
02/06/2020 13:44 by 90min
In 2019, the Bears were expected to make a push for the Super Bowl. However, they never seemed to ge..
This Cowboys Player is a Surprise Breakout Candidate for 2020
02/06/2020 13:27 by 90min
The Cowboys will need to make serious improvements if they want to contend for a championship in 202..
Browns Rumors About Giant Jadeveon Clowney Offer Seem a Little Fishy
01/06/2020 21:43 by 90min
Jadeveon Clowney remains a free agent this offseason as he is reportedly holding out for a giant con..
VIDEO: Rob Ninkovich Claims He'd Take Tua Tagovailoa Over Lamar Jackson Like a True Maniac
01/06/2020 21:17 by 90min
Former New England Patriots pass rusher Rob Ninkovich is the most recent former player to take a cra..
Cowboys Are One Cut Away From Affording Jadeveon Clowney
01/06/2020 20:41 by 90min
The Dallas Cowboys have a pass-rushing crisis. Not only did their star edge man with a massive contr..
Raiders WR Henry Ruggs Reportedly Recovering After Supposed Freak Injury That Sounds Really Fishy
01/06/2020 20:15 by 90min
Las Vegas Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs' offseason hasn't exactly gone to plan, as reports recently s..
3 Best Chiefs Players Under 25
01/06/2020 20:04 by 90min
The future of the Kansas City Chiefs couldn't be much brighter. With the franchise in the hands of P..
DeSean Jackson Doesn't Hold Back and Opens up About Chip Kelly Eagles Disaster
01/06/2020 19:39 by 90min
While not an awful coach, former Oregon mastermind Chip Kelly failed with the Philadelphia Eagles af..
Vikings Are One Cut Away From Affording Jadeveon Clowney
01/06/2020 18:53 by 90min
The Minnesota Vikings had a solid draft in 2020, but they failed to find a replacement for Everson G..
3 Bengals Players Who Will Be Rookie of the Year Candidates in 2020
01/06/2020 18:22 by 90min
The Cincinnati Bengals were expected to take LSU quarterback Joe Burrow No. 1 overall in the 2020 NF..
Former Giants Players Claim They Would Have Won Super Bowl XLIII if Plaxico Burress Hadn't Shot Himself
01/06/2020 17:37 by 90min
Every single year, there's a dominant professional sports team that falls well short of expectations..
Brady Quinn Has a Bold Prediction for Baker Mayfield and the Browns in 2020
01/06/2020 16:42 by 90min
Pessimism reigns once again around the Cleveland Browns, as Baker Mayfield's sophomore slump in 2019..
This Surprise Factor is Bad News for Patriots QB Jarrett Stidham in 2020
01/06/2020 16:32 by 90min
A lot will be riding on the shoulders on Jarrett Stidham, who figures to be the New England Patriots..
VIDEO: Colin Cowherd's Latest 'Dis or Dak' Series is Truly Offensive to Cowboys Fans
01/06/2020 16:02 by 90min
Much of the world right now is distracting us from sports, but we simply cannot allow a guy like Col..
Colts Head Coach Frank Reich Opens Conference Call With Stirring Statement on Injustice
01/06/2020 15:13 by 90min
People throughout the nation have felt the impact of George Floyd's death, across barriers of race, ..
The Bears' Tight End Situation is Beyond Laughable and the Financials Are Even Worse
01/06/2020 15:07 by 90min
The Baltimore Ravens have long been known for their infatuation with the tight end position, but at ..
Bears QB Nick Foles Reveals He's Been Shaken by George Floyd Protests in Powerful Statement
01/06/2020 01:46 by 90min
Much of America remains disoriented as a difficult week in this country ends with several more bangs..
Julian Edelman Shares Killer Mike's Powerful Message as Protests Rage Across America
01/06/2020 00:39 by 90min
The death of George Floyd has caused a polarizing reaction throughout the United States. On one hand..
VIDEO: Baker Mayfield Spotted Dancing and Flaunting Social Distancing at Weekend Wedding
31/05/2020 22:28 by 90min
The protests taking place around the country make it easy to forget that we are still in the midst o..
Josh Gordon Posts Thought-Provoking Instagram Story Amid George Floyd Protests
31/05/2020 21:45 by 90min
Josh Gordon is one of the more talented players to wear an NFL uniform over the past decade. The for..