The whole pyramid powers Premier League’s success and merits a fairer share | Jason Stockwood

02 October 2023 09:36
The top flight’s offer to the EFL has been rejected by fans as inadequate and does not truly reflect the lower leagues’ worthFair Game, an initiative committed to enhancing football governance, counts Grimsby Town as one of its founding members. Recently, it shed light on a “leaked proposal” detailing the suggested financial settlement from the Premier League to the English Football League, with the aim of achieving a fairer distribution of a portion of the £3.19bn annual TV revenue received by the top flight. The new deal would conditionally bring an additional £130m to the EFL but, under current arrangements, 75% of that would go to the Championship clubs.In an attempt to gauge public sentiment, Fair Game conducted a survey, yielding an emphatic outcome: an overwhelming 99.4% of the 1,252 respondents expressed opposition to the proposed arrangement. The urgency to reach a resolution is not unrelated to the growing likelihood of the establishment of an independent regulator – an entity enjoying rare bipartisan political support. Continue readingread full article

Source: TheGuardian