Kyril Louis-Dreyfus: Things to know about Sunderland's prospective new owner

25 December 2020 02:29

After more than a year of searching of for a buyer, Sunderland owner Stewart Donald confirmed on Thursday that a sale of the club had been agreed.

Subject to EFL approval, Frenchman Kyril Louis-Dreyfus will take charge of the League One outfit, with the club hoping to rubber stamp the deal in mid-January.

Louis-Dreyfus has already outlined his hopes for the future with Sunderland, as they look to drag themselves back up the Football League ladder. But just who is this mysterious new owner? We've got everything you need to know about the new man in charge.

1. He's Only 23 Years Old

Kyril Louis-Dreyfus is set to be named new Sunderland owner | Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

Well, we say he's only 23 - but various reports suggest that the Frenchman is in fact 22. Most of those reports also say he was born in 1997 – so he's either about to have a birthday or someone's telling porkies.

Louis-Dreyfus is one of three children to the late Swiss-French businessman Robert Louis-Dreyfus, a man who was no stranger to sporting ventures himself (but more on that shortly).

23 or 22, it's still ridiculous that he's potentially going to own a former Premier League football club at that age.

2. He Supports Ligue 1 Side Marseille

Kyril Louis-Dreyfus watches Marseille in the French Cup final | Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

The young business man is a follower of Ligue 1 outfit Marseille and has regularly been pictured watching from the stands.

Still, who wouldn't want to swap French top-flight football in Marseille for League One football in Sunderland? However, there's a good reason for Louis-Dreyfus' love of Les Olympiens.

3. His Father Had Multiple Sporting Interests

Robert Louis-Dreyfus previously owned Marseille | PASCAL PAVANI/Getty Images

Robert Louis-Dreyfus was a well-known French businessman with multiple ventures into the sporting world to his name.

He purchased Lique 1 outfit Marseille in 1996, overseeing a successful period in their history as they twice reached the UEFA Cup final, before the club was sold to former LA Dodgers owner Frank McCourt in August 2016.

He was CEO of the worldwide sporting brand adidas between 1994-2001, while the family also currently own a minority share in Belgian club Standard Liege.

4. How Much Is He Worth?

Louis-Dreyfus watches France at Euro 2016 | Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

Let's be honest, it's the question we all want to know the answer to when we see a flash, young businessman.

Forbes estimated his mother to be worth roughly $5.6bn (£4.13bn) following his father's death in 2009, with the future Sunderland owner reported to have a trust fund worth in excess of $2bn (£1.47bn).

Suddenly that £2m spent on Will Grigg doesn't seem quite so much money,

5. He Is Related to Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Y'know when you hear a surname and it's instantly recognisable because of a certain celebrity, but then when you check if there's any relation between the two it turns out there's none at all? Yeah, that's not the case here.

The prospective Sunderland owner is cousin to the American actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The Seinfeld star won a Golden Globe for her role in the sitcom and was nominated for multiple other awards.

Source: 90min