Clock ticking on Coventry City’s latest search for home comforts | Ben Fisher

20 March 2019 10:00
The prospect of leaving the Ricoh Arena again is dispiritingly real and there is even a risk of ejection from the Football LeagueThe clock is ticking and yet the impasse over the Ricoh Arena that threatens to leave Coventry City homeless for the second time in five years shows no sign of ending. It is a messy scenario that has the hallmarks of a children’s birthday party, a giant sorry game of pass the parcel whereby the club’s owner (Sisu), the stadium’s landlord (Wasps rugby club) and the city council stubbornly shift the blame from one side to another while Coventry fans wait for the music to stop. A 136-year-old football club has less than six weeks to find a cause for celebration.Coventry have been set a final deadline of 2 April to inform the EFL board where they plan to play home games next season. If they reach that date without a satisfactory resolution, the EFL will convene an extraordinary general meeting on 25 April, in which they could consider kicking Coventry out of the league. In the event that 75% of 72 league clubs vote to do so, the club would face expulsion. Related: Struggling football fans everywhere can take heart from Oyston’s ousting | Daniel Taylor Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian