Richard Cockerill plans to drill into the detail to improve results at Edinburgh

13 July 2017 04:54

New Edinburgh head coach Richard Cockerill has vowed to drive up standards all over the club - from the canteen to the pitch.

The former Leicester hooker and director of rugby has taken over a side which finished fourth-bottom of the Guinness PRO12 last season and is leaving no stone unturned as he bids to improve results.

In a video interview on the club's official website, the 46-year-old said: "There's a lot to improve but there's a lot of good players. Clearly, for whatever reason, the club has not performed as well as they would have liked, and that's the challenge.

"It comes back to hard work, training hard in the gym, training hard on the field, making sure all the little bits of detail are good, whether it's clearing your plates away in the dining hall, whether it's wearing the right kit, whether it's your timekeeping, whether it's your mindset around your gym work and pitch work.

"Everything matters, every bit of detail, every bit of hard work, every bit of learning in the classroom about how we're going to play.

"All of those things have to be driven every day and that's my job.

"I will keep on to the players and coaches about how we are going to drive that mentality, and eventually that will get us to a point where we are doing it every day without thinking about it."

Source: PA