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Never Forget Rob Parker's Surprisingly Recent and Truly Stupid Andy Reid Take
05/07/2020 18:55 by 90min
Andy Reid had amazing success as a head coach before the 2019 season. But the narrative around the c..
Chiefs Running Backs Coach's Comments on Damien Williams Suggests We've Yet to See the Best of Him
05/07/2020 17:20 by 90min
The post-NFL Draft buzz has seen Damien Williams fall out of the spotlight following his Super Bowl ..
Latest Leonard Williams Update Proves Giants Really Blew it in Trading for Him
05/07/2020 16:33 by 90min
There were a myriad of lopsided trades in the NFL last season, and it's fair to say that the New Yor..
Of Course Dan Snyder is Out of the Country as Talks Heat up to Change Redskins' Name
05/07/2020 15:53 by 90min
At long last, the Washington Redskins might finally be forced to change their racist name after stad..
Packers Tell Season Ticket Holders to Brace for No Fans at Games in 2020
05/07/2020 13:39 by 90min
The latest wave of positive coronavirus cases throughout the country has really opened the eyes of p..
12 Craziest Sports Stories of the Past 4 Years
04/07/2020 16:14 by 90min
Over the last four years, the emotional roller coaster that is the sporting universe subjected its f..
VIDEO: Patrick Mahomes Gets Chiefs Fans Ready With Excellent Hype Clip
04/07/2020 16:06 by 90min
This particular NFL offseason has been unlike any other. No in-person free agent interviews or offse..
Aaron Jones Responds After WNBA Star Called Him Out for Bringing PS4 to Delivery Room
04/07/2020 15:40 by 90min
Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones has had himself a busy offseason. He's preparing for the ..
This Cowboys-Browns Trade for David Njoku Could Actually Work Following His Trade Demand
04/07/2020 15:15 by 90min
The Cleveland Browns went from having no tight ends to having too many tight ends after signing Aust..
Texans Between Rock and Hard Place With Deshaun Watson's Antonio Brown Interest
04/07/2020 15:00 by 90min
The Houston Texans have been the most talked about team this NFL offseason, but not in a good way. R..
3 Teams That Should Trade for Chris Jones
04/07/2020 13:27 by 90min
The Kansas City Chiefs entered the 2020 offseason knowing full well they were going to face the chal..
49ers Troll Saints in PSA on Twitter Encouraging Fans to Wear a Mask
03/07/2020 18:06 by 90min
The San Francisco 49ers want every single one of their fans to wear a mask until the coronavirus pan..
Washington Having Internal Discussions About Changing Team Name
03/07/2020 15:28 by 90min
The Washington Redskins have really started to feel the heat as it pertains to their racist history ..
Dan Snyder Must Leave Washington Along With Racist Team Name
03/07/2020 14:27 by 90min
The Washington Redskins might finally be forced to change their outdated, racist name after stadium ..
Dolphins Somehow 'Optimistic' About Having Some Fans at Games Despite COVID Explosion in Florida
02/07/2020 15:16 by 90min
The NFL was lucky enough to not be in the middle of a season when the COVID-19 pandemic began shutti..
Russell Wilson is Playing With Fire by Working Out With Antonio Brown
02/07/2020 14:24 by 90min
Antonio Brown is likely facing a significant suspension from the NFL over several off-the-field inci..
Davante Adams Diagnosing Lions Coverage So Easily Should Embarrass Matt Patricia
02/07/2020 13:56 by 90min
Matt Patricia was supposed to be the defensive guru who turned around the Detroit Lions. So far he h..
Rival AFC East Coach Has to Be Kidding With Cam Newton-Patriots Take
02/07/2020 13:44 by 90min
The New England Patriots signed Cam Newton and that seemed to shut down the idea of Jarrett Stidham ..
Former Packer LeRoy Butler Wants Cardboard Cutout at Brewers Games
01/07/2020 21:46 by 90min
While the Milwaukee Brewers became one of a growing number of MLB teams to join in on the movement t..
It Shouldn't Have Taken a Pandemic for NFL to Cut Preseason in Half
01/07/2020 21:17 by 90min
The NFL has had an advantage when it comes to their preparation of the season during the coronavirus..
Colin Cowherd Most-Hated Athletes Rankings
01/07/2020 20:51 by 90min
Fox Sports is known for their very opinionated on-air personalities. Skip Bayless is known for his i..
Packers Officially Announce Jordan Love Has Signed His Rookie Contract
01/07/2020 20:01 by 90min
The Green Bay Packers faithful absolutely couldn't believe that the team used their first-round sele..
Aaron Rodgers Visits California Brothers Who Lost Sister to Brain Cancer
01/07/2020 19:17 by 90min
Tragedy struck the family of Ashley Stock, who is known on Instagram as @littlemissmomma. The influe..
Rodney Harrison's Latest Comments Really Make You Think if There Will Be an NFL Season in 2020
01/07/2020 18:33 by 90min
The NFL is determined to start their 2020 season without too many alterations despite the coronaviru..
Packers Sign Second-Round Pick AJ Dillon
01/07/2020 18:11 by 90min
While he might have been a bit of a confusing pick at first, former Boston College running back AJ D..
Jamal Adams Latest Tweet Has Us All Wondering His Intentions
01/07/2020 14:42 by 90min
The New York Jets have alienated Jamal Adams to the point where he's openly campaigning for a trade ..
Comparing Cam Newton's Skillset to Tim Tebow is a Huge Insult
01/07/2020 14:22 by 90min
Cam Newton's value dropping so low this offseason was a bit of a shock. The Carolina Panthers releas..
Chris Jones Clearly Doesn't Realize He's a Likely Casualty of Patrick Mahomes Super-Extension
01/07/2020 14:02 by 90min
The NFL might soon have another Le'Veon Bell situation on its hands. Standout defensive tackle Chris..
VIDEO: Cam Newton Already Embracing 'Patriot Way' and Bill Belichick Would Be Proud
01/07/2020 01:29 by 90min
If the Patriot Way is merely a mantra for media relations, then Cam Newton has it down already. The ..
What the Patriots Signing Cam Newton Means for the Chiefs
30/06/2020 19:54 by 90min
The New England Patriots instantly returned to contender status by signing Cam Newton to a one-year ..
Jordan Love is So Much More Than Taysom Hill, or at Least He Better Be
30/06/2020 18:58 by 90min
Our guess is that the Green Bay Packers see Jordan Love, who they selected with the No. 26 overall p..
Biggest Boom-or-Bust Player on Eagles
30/06/2020 18:42 by 90min
The Philadelphia Eagles had terrible luck with wide receivers last season. Injuries struck the group..
Tom Brady Awkwardly Hopped Into the Comments of Julian Edelman's IG Welcome to Cam Newton
30/06/2020 18:10 by 90min
If there's one New England Patriots player to single out as the most relieved to hear the Cam Newton..
VIDEO: Cam Newton's Tribute Video to Carolina is What He Deserved From Panthers
30/06/2020 15:54 by 90min
The Carolina Panthers showed us all just how much the NFL is a business by unceremoniously moving on..
Doug Pederson Has Important Decision to Make About Miles Sanders' Future
30/06/2020 15:22 by 90min
After a promising rookie campaign last year, the Philadelphia Eagles figure to rely pretty heavily o..
Chase Daniel Getting Paid More Than Cam Newton and Jameis Winston Combined Proves the NFL is Broken
30/06/2020 13:54 by 90min
Cam Newton and Jameis Winston are both employed after lengthy waits in free agency, as Cam is fresh ..
3 Players Who Deserve More Credit for the 49ers' Dynasty in 1980s
30/06/2020 13:32 by 90min
Names like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Bill Walsh instantly spring to mind whenever the San Francis..
Richard Sherman Calls Out Patriots and NFL for Cam Newton's Weak Contract With New England
29/06/2020 20:54 by 90min
The reactions to Cam Newton signing with the New England Patriots were largely positive as most of h..
VIDEO: Ezekiel Elliott Forgets to Turn off Twitch Stream and Accidentally Tells Everyone He's High
29/06/2020 18:49 by 90min
The NFL is a month away from returning in the form of training camp, barring any issues regarding th..
What Signing Cam Newton Means for Patriots and Joe Thuney
29/06/2020 15:30 by 90min
The New England Patriots made a powerful statement on Sunday when it was confirmed that they signed ..