Wrexham fans, decide: how do you like your football – dignified or Disneyfied? | Simon Childs

20 September 2023 02:17
The club’s Hollywood ‘fairytale’ highlights the predicament of grassroots clubs trying to survive in the modern gameIn future generations, bright-eyed, football-mad children on their first visit to the Racecourse Ground in north Wales will ask: “Why are we Wrexham fans, Mum?” And they’ll be told: “Your father was a Wrexham fan, and your father’s father, and your father’s father’s father … well, your father’s father’s father watched Welcome to Wrexham with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney on Disney+.”As a fan of a club playing in the same league as Wrexham, the unfolding hype has been an uneasy watch. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with random people from around the world deciding to support Wrexham, but you do have to wonder if some of them are a bit gullible if they’re choosing their team after watching a celebrity-fronted docu-commercial. Continue readingread full article

Source: TheGuardian