Christian Kabasele takes playful swipe at Football Manager over Brexit rules impact

10 January 2021 06:45

Watford star Christian Kabasele has taken a cheeky swipe at video game producers Football Manager for their strict enforcement of the new work permit laws, which have come into force with the confirmation of Brexit.

The United Kingdom leaving the European Union has caused a number of changes to laws within our sport, and managers up and down the country are beginning to feel the effects of the tighter restrictions placed on signing foreign stars.

Footballers now need to hit a number of strict requirements to land a move to England, including making a number of appearances in a major league or featuring in a certain amount of international matches.

This makes signing the next wonderkid a near impossible task for managers in the UK, and no one is feeling the pinch as much as Watford's Christian Kabasele. The defender hit out at the video game Football Manager for applying these laws too strictly, preventing him from getting crucial deals done in the transfer window.

"Who else struggle to sign players from abroad with the new brexit rules? You are too realistic guys!" he complained.

One helpful follower suggested signing players early on in their careers and then loaning them out until they reach the necessary requirements to gain a work permit, but Kabasele was having none of it.

"Sign them before they are good enough to play then loan out till they get a permit. Remember to apply every 3 months! Normally works eventually," a starry-eyed tweeter replied.

"I don't want to loan them," rebuffed the unsatisfied defender. Fair enough. But Kabasele is going to have to get used to these rules, as they appear to be going nowhere. Leave means leave, Chris.

It appears that Brexit's strict regulations is not the only problem which Kabasele is facing in his virtual adventure. Clearly in charge of a Championship side - presumably Watford - he lamented the lack of desire among players to drop into England's second tier.

"Another issue is that when everything is OK they decide they are too good for championship," he joked.

Perhaps Kabasele can share his woes with Sam Allardyce who has bemoaned the difficulties of the real world transfer market in a post EU world, despite being. checks notes. very pro Leave in the past.

Source: 90min