Castleford are in danger of joining London Broncos in the second tier

03 April 2024 10:59
We are six weeks into the Super League season and neither team has won a game. They both look set for the ChampionshipBy Gavin Willacy for No Helmets RequiredWhen the Super League season kicked off six weeks ago, it was assumed London Broncos would be relegated thanks to their dire IMG grading and lack of investment in a doomed squad. There was far less said about the likelihood of Castleford joining them. While new owner Martin Jepson has targeted his investment in off-field concerns, Castleford have won as many league games as London – none – and are going to earn precious little IMG reward for their abject performances. If the season ended now, Wakefield and Toulouse would surely rank higher than Castleford and take their (and London’s) places in Super League next year.In almost every game they have played this season, the Broncos and Tigers look like top-end Championship sides doggedly trying to stay in the fight with Super League opponents before hanging desperately to their coattails as they sail away. It’s not that they are bad; they are just second best every week. Neither side has been helped by injuries. The Broncos started the season without half a dozen first-team contenders and only one of them has returned, the Scotland fullback Alex Walker. He was uncharacteristically downbeat after their 26-6 home defeat to Huddersfield on Sunday. Continue readingread full article

Source: TheGuardian