Sunderland are at the lowest point in their history. How has it come to this? | Louise Taylor

24 December 2019 04:38
Team sit 13th in League One and the future of a club that panicked in sacking Jack Ross is shrouded in uncertaintyThe Dutch describe Advent as de donkere dagen voor Kerstmis. It means the dark days before Christmas and, for Sunderland, they can never have felt shorter or bleaker.The winter solstice may just have passed, leaving the earth starting to tilt towards the sun once again but, at the 49,000-capacity Stadium of Light, there can be no guarantees that spring will bring a rebirth of warmth and brightness. Related: Sunderland chairman defends £9m loan deal and denies being a ‘chancer’ Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian