Rooney is not as revered as Cantona but is the complete United hero

04 March 2020 01:00
There are plenty of special Rooney moments for Manchester United fans to recall before he faces them with Derby It is a pity in some ways that fifth-round replays have been abolished in the FA Cup. Wayne Rooney turns 35 this year, and with Derby County in the bottom half of the Championship the chances seem slim of a return to Old Trafford to allow the Manchester United faithful one last chance to show their appreciation.Doubtless Rooney will be warmly received by the travelling United support at Pride Park for Thursday’s Cup tie, though one imagines the Manchester reaction to a fleeting visit by a card-carrying club legend would be something to behold. Perhaps the former England striker is not quite as revered as, say, Eric Cantona, because he joined a winning side rather than completing an emerging one; stayed longer, possibly a season or two too long; confounded a few managers; held a gun to the club’s head on a couple of occasions and failed to amuse the world with gnomic utterances about seagulls following trawlers, but if the Frenchman was half-footballer, half-folk myth Rooney has the numbers to prove he is the complete United hero. Related: Manchester United must beware 'old dog' Wayne Rooney, says Solskjær Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian