Premier League countdown: team news, previews and more – live!

16 June 2020 09:55
Live updates before the big kick-off on WednesdayCity braced for defining spell | Spurs restart previewGet in touch! Email Daniel or tweet @DanielHarris 10.55am BST Tentatively positive corona news: The Norwich player who tested positive for coronavirus in the last round of tests has now returned a negative sample, the club’s sporting director has said.The Premier League club confirmed the positive test on Saturday, which came after they had played a friendly against Tottenham the day before. 10.50am BST Campbell is now pointing out that the symbolic interventions of Black Lives Matter being worn on the back of shirts is nice, but what change is going to happen? I wonder if we need some kind of manifesto so that we know the structural issues we’re going to resolve: a Rooney rule and something similar for boardrooms and official bodies to begin with. 10.45am BST On Sky, Kevin Campbell has been talking about the thick skin necessary to make it as a footballer in the face of the racism that he faced. He mentioned the inspiration of Andy Gray living near him, which reminded me of a game I went to in 1989, in which he scored two brilliant goals in a game of brilliant goals. 10.39am BST So our first games, tomorrow, are:Aston Villa v Sheffield United 10.35am BST Rashford has done an amazing job of simplifying the complexities and quietening the noise. As a society, are hungry children something we’re cool with? Related: UK coronavirus live: Rashford calls on PM to 'do right thing' over school meals 10.33am BST 10.32am BST As if you didn’t already know. But there’s more. We are trending no 1 and 2 in England. I need everyone’s help to keep this noise going as I head to training but before I go, to ALL MPs in Parliament, this is not about politics. The same way us players put rivalry aside when we put the England shirt on, please #maketheuturn 10.32am BST With whom can we start today, but Marcus Rashford? It is with intense pleasure and pride that I report he is at it again. 1. When you wake up this morning and run your shower, take a second to think about parents who have had their water turned off during lockdown #maketheuturn 10.11am BST When did people, never mind adults, start measuring things in sleeps? Well, we’ve got one more of them – apart from those we’re having at our desks and during childcare – before, on Wednesleep, Premier League football is back! So, that being the case, we’re going to spend Tuesleep, that being todsleep, looking forward to it because, let’s be real, what else have we got to look forward to? Exactly. Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian