NRL: South Sydney Rabbitohs v Brisbane Broncos – live!

07 August 2020 10:04
Updates from the grudge match at ANZ StadiumAny thoughts? Email or tweet @scott_heinrich 11.04am BST 1 min: And we’re away. The Broncos work the ball forward, slowly and without much conviction. Fifita, though, makes a few early metres on the right. Johnston makes the catch for the Bunnies in a good early set for the Broncos. 11.01am BST Welcome back, Dave.Dave's back and roaring to go! STREAM: #NRL #NRLSouthsBroncos 10.56am BST FT: Manly 22-26 WarriorsInteresting. The Sea Eagles blow a chance to sneak into the eight. The Warriors, however, keep their finals hopes flickering.Oh my! Herbert launches #NRLManlyWarriors#TelstraPremiership 10.52am BST What will it take for the Broncos NOT to get a berth in the prime-time Friday slot? I mean, they’ve lost nine of their past 10 matches and are about as bad as they’ve been. Like, ever. On the plus side, for Broncos fans, Souths have beaten Brisbane just nine times from 32 attempts in the NRL age. But that’s when Brisbane were any sort of chop.Not long now, people.Socially distanced in the members bar #sstid #NRLSouthsBroncos 10.39am BST #NRL LATE MAIL #NRLSouthsBroncos @SSFCRABBITOHS ❌ Su'A⬆️ Knight (2RF)✅ Johns (INT) @brisbanebroncos ❌ Kennedy✅ Lodge (INT) take: 10.33am BST It’s been a wet one in Sydney today. But when doesn’t ANZ Stadium look good?READY to rock n roll for #NRLSouthsBroncos tonight! 10.21am BST Top of the evening. We can play this one of two ways: 1. the any-game-is-a-good-game cheerleader way or 2. the call-it-like-it-is no-nonsense way. Oh, you want a sample of both? Sure.1. Welcome to this absolute humdinger, this ball-tearer of a blockbuster between South Sydney and Brisbane. Seriously, does it get any better than this? How good is rugby league. Note the lack of question mark. Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian