Khakshouri v Jimenez and Cash – a court case that shone a light on modern football

09 February 2018 11:00
Charlton Athletic were at the centre of the case and yet strangely irrelevant to it as former owner Khakshouri took on Jimenez, once the vice-president of Newcastle, and CashThis week a man called Darius Khakshouri was awarded $4m in damages at the Royal Courts of Justice. In Court 9, Mr Justice Green found in favour of Khakshouri and against Tony Jimenez and Kevin Cash after the property developer claimed he had been deceived by the pair over a loan. That loan was of £1.8m, made in the autumn of 2013, in a last-minute bid to keep Charlton Athletic in business.Those basic facts were about as simple as it got in this case, even though in essence it was just three rich men fighting over a loan. Administered by expensive legal representation deploying reams of material, it became a matter of semantic nuances; were the terms upon which the parties agreed a promise or simply an ambition, was it “we intend to” or “we won’t do without”? To the layman it was boggling, and that was intentional. Related: Charlton fans ignore Northampton game and head to Belgium for protest | Amy Lawrence Related: Karl Oyston steps down as chairman of Blackpool in apparent rift Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian