Food science has turned cooking into an art form for some footballers

02 June 2020 11:00
Everton’s Gylfi Sigurdsson and Mark Noble of West Ham have honed their culinary skills during lockdown while others have discovered a new interestLockdown has offered plenty of food for thought and for most people stuck indoors all day it’s not long before thoughts turn to food. But while many of us have spent the past weeks fine-tuning banana-bread recipes and pondering the earliest acceptable time to raid the alcohol cupboard – with waistlines widening across the country as a result – Premier League players have been entitled to no such indulgences.Instead they have had to maintain strictly regimented intake which, until a couple of months ago, was pretty much put on a plate for them. When lockdown came into effect, the remit of a Premier League nutritionist suddenly became a lot harder. To keep a squad of two dozen elite sportsmen on a fine-tuned high-performance diet is a tough enough task in itself, let alone doing so while banned from having real-world contact. Related: The evolution of football nutrition: from chocolate to 'Kevin Carbonara' Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian