Charlton Invicta show way forward for LGBT footballing community | Nick Miller

08 October 2017 05:11
Charlton Invicta have become the first LGBT-friendly team to take a Football League team’s name and their players hope it can encourage others to play the gameWhen Brighton travelled to play Leicester this season, the away fans were subjected to a depressingly familiar line of abuse. Homophobic bile follows Albion around the country, but this time something was done about it. A number of the abusers were ejected from the stadium, two were arrested and three were banned by Leicester. A positive move, but a reactive one, punishment of an offence after the fact. In south-east London, something more proactive is happening.In August, Charlton Athletic announced they would be the first professional football club in the country to lend their name to an LGBT-friendly team. Bexley Invicta were formed in 2011 and play in the London Unity League but from this season they will be known as Charlton Invicta, formally affiliated with the club’s community trust, taking Charlton’s name and playing home games at their training ground. They are the first LGBT-friendly team to have such an arrangement: others are more loosely connected (Queens Park Rangers have a partnership with London Titans, for example) but no other club have lent their name. Related: Proud Lilywhites and Gay Gooners fly (rainbow) flag for LGBT football fans Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian