Jennifer's Body

15 March 2011

Some of you are probably not familiar with the National Rugby League in Australia and you’d be forgiven as much. Though if we told you that’s ‘Babe of the Week’, Jennifer Hawkins, used to be a cheerleader for the Newcastle Knights Rugby team, then you would also be forgiven for suddenly developing an interested in the egg-chasing exploits of the men D own Under.

Born in Newcastle, Sydney, Jennifer Hawkins took up dancing at the age of five and soon saw her devotion to it grow into life-long passion. In 2001 she entered and won a national dance competition, which led to an offer from the Newcastle Knights to join their cheerleaders (or cheer-girls as they are known in Australia). Her talents were duly noted by her new employers who selected her as their ‘Cheer-girl of the Year”; a gig which landed her many a magazine shoot.

Soon she was on TV selling Newcastle merchandise and in 2002 she moved into modelling full-time. After entering a few beauty pageants, she was elevated into the upper echelons of the beauty pageant food-chain and was announced as Miss Australia 2004 – and then Miss Universe 2004. Donald Trump, who was present at the Miss Universe contest, claimed that Jennifer was “The most beautiful Miss Universe I have seen in many, many years.” And he’d know (probably.)

Now she can be found on TV, where she has settled into a presenter role for the time being, while also making fleeting appearances on Australia’s ‘Make Me a Supermodel’.