Ana Ivanovic says she might try to be an actress

29 November 2013 12:56

Ana Ivanovic will play an exhibition match against Maria Sharapova next week in Colombia. In an interview she gave to the local media, Ana spoke about her private life and plans.

The famous tennis player said that she could never be a singer, because she can’t sing, but that she would try out as an actress.

“When it comes to movie, who knows what will happen when I finish my career. I had the honor to be offered several times with small roles, but I am focused on tennis and plans did not fit in my schedule. I had to say no,” said Ana.

Ana said that she is not the type of player who uses her free time between matches in a tournament go shopping.

“Everyone wants to give their best at tournaments. This why it is important for you to save your energy and relax. Between matches, I rest and recover, so I would go prepared and ready in the next match. It is hard sometimes because it is tempting to go for a walk, but it is the best to stay in the hotel, read a book or watch a movie. The tour awaits you when the competition is over,” said Ana.

Source: DSG