'Lawn bowler' look for Aussie Olympic uniforms

03 May 2012 04:46

Australia's uniform for the Olympic opening ceremony was unveiled Thursday, but got mixed reviews with criticism that the athletes looked like lawn bowlers.

The uniforms feature green jackets with white slacks for men and white knee-length skirts for women and white Dunlop volley shoes.

"They hit the stage like . escapees from your local bowling club," the Sydney Daily Telegraph said in describing the uniform.

Athletes were involved in the design process and the Sydney Morning Herald website referred to those modelling the outfit as "our white-shoe brigade".

But the athletes liked what they saw.

"The style and cut are a real highlight for me, I think it will be really flattering," said swimmer Libby Trickett, who was the athletes' representative on the design committee.

Basketball star Lauren Jackson said she was proud to be wearing the uniform.

"It's very Australian, classic but modern, and importantly it's comfortable."