Asics - Helen Jenkins, better your best

08 February 2013 03:23

Helen Jenkins is a Two-time British triathlon world champion and she speaks about how the many setbacks she's experienced in her career have helped her to become a better athlete and to improve her performance.

In 2006 she suffered from an Achilles tendon injury, and relapsed in 2007.

But despite all of that, she overcame the physical and emotional pain and in 2008 she won the World Championships in Vancouver, finished 21st at the Olympic Games in Beijing and finished 5th at the Olympic Games in London despite a knee injury.

For Helen, it's always about getting over these setbacks and back to your best.

She also aims to participate at the next Olympic Games in Rio, more determined than ever.

In this Asics video she appears training in the natural environment that she trains in every day, in her welsh hometown.

Source: DSG