Freeman tribunal delayed until next week

08 February 2019 11:35
There has been a further delay in the medical tribunal that will assess Dr. Richard Freeman's fitness to practise and explore doping allegations during his time at Team Sky and British Cycling. Having been immediately adjourned for 48 hours when the process opened in Manchester on Wednesday, the tribunal reconvened in private on Friday morning and will spend the whole day discussing another preliminary application before the hearing proper can begin. Stakes high for Team Sky and British Cycling as Freeman prepares to face medical tribunal Freeman, who is charged by the General Medical Council (GMC) with a number of allegations, among them ordering the banned substance testosterone to administer to a rider, has so far not appeared at the tribunal that could see him struck off the medical register.ADVERTISEMENT In his absence, he is represented by lawyer Mary O'Rourke QC, who, on Wednesday, immediately requested the tribunal go into private session so she could make the application for the 48-hour adjournment. On Friday morning a further preliminary application was tabled, though it has not been revealed if it's another request for adjournment or another matter. Either way, while the adjournment was granted within a couple of hours, it is expected to take the three-person tribunal panel at least a whole day to examine this latest submission, which involves legal argument. Both the GMC, who have brought the case to the independent tribunal service, and Freeman's representatives were invited to submit documents to be read on Thursday and used in session on Friday. It is expected that the tribunal will still be considering this matter well into Monday, meaning the hearing proper - which sees the GMC set out its case against Freeman before he presents his defence - can only get going on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning at the very earliest. You can read more at . read full article

Source: Cycling News