ATP Firsts: Pierre-Hugues Herbert

13 March 2018 03:22
France’s Pierre-Hugues Herbert, who competes on the ATP World Tour as both a singles and doubles player, gives an insight into his life off the court. First moment I realised I loved tennis Actually, it was the first time I had a racquet in my hand. Since I was a kid, I loved it from the very first time. When I was a kid, it’s amazing the pleasure I got from hitting the ball against the wall. I was born with a racquet in my hand and I loved it from the first time. My parents were both tennis coaches. As soon as I could walk, I had the racquet in my hand. First coach and most important lesson he/she taught me My first coach was my father, and one of the first lessons he taught me is that tennis is a game. You have to enjoy it. After the second lesson, it was if you work hard, it’s going to pay off one day. First pinch-me moment on the ATP World Tour My first pinch-me moment was my breakthrough in Paris-Bercy. It was 2013 or 2014, I don’t remember, but I was playing Benoit Paire on Court Centrale and then playing against Novak Djokovic. Beating Benoit Paire and then losing against Djokovic in a tight match, I think that was my first big moment on the ATP. First time I was recognised I have no answer to this. It would be sometime recently. I think it was the past two years that I started to be recognised. Not that much. Not like Rafa or Roger. Mostly in France, in my hometown. First time I travelled abroad Really, really soon. I remember one trip when I went alone to Latvia (for tennis), I was maybe 14 or 15. This was a big trip to go alone, at 14 or 15, to a country where you can’t speak the language. First thing I bought with prize money I don’t really know what I bought with prize money. I know I bought a computer, an [Apple] Mac, when I was 19 or 20. But I didn’t make that much money, so I don’t think it was the prize money that bought it! First autograph/photo I got One of the first pictures I took was with Arnaud Clement when I was a young guy. I was maybe 10, he played team matches in my region and I was lucky enough to get a picture with him. He had actually a sandwich almost in his mouth, so it was a funny picture. I still have it. I showed it to him. First celebrity idols I have a lot of actors that I like. Roman Joules, he’s playing in French movies. After this, I love Denzel Washington. In sport, I think we are lucky enough to have Roger Federer in tennis. I was a big fan growing up. I have a lot of people to look to for examples. First album I bought I didn’t buy that many albums, but I’m a big Coldplay fan. The first one, I didn’t buy it, I got it as a present, was a Michael Jackson album. It was one of his last ones. First pet In my family we had three cats. The first one died at age 18. I grew up with Mimi. Then there were two others, but they were not as lucky as Mimi. They died younger. . read full article

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