Another cycling season, another shameful case of sexism

07 February 2019 01:24
When asked for a photo by a fan, Belgian cyclist Iljo Keisse pulled a porn-star pose. And the reaction was just as depressingBy Suze Clemitson for 100 Tales 100 Tours of the Sport NetworkOh cycling, why are we here again? Haven’t we had our share of learning and teaching and actionable moments? We’ve had the sexist poster debacle, the podium girls in bikinis, the cyclist who needed a packet of condoms for podium “chicks”, the women who were shamed for a kit that was supposedly “unacceptable by any standard of decency”. And we’re still here, still riding the dinosaur tail of misogyny and sexism, still blaming the victim and issuing non-apology apologies.This time the culprit is Belgian cyclist Iljo Keisse, who decided that a young woman’s request for a photo with a team she admires was shorthand for “fuck me baby”. Keisse and his Deceuninck–Quick-Step teammates were enjoying some downtime in a cafe during their preparations for the Vuelta a San Juan in Argentina when an 18-year-old waitress asked them for a photograph. While the young fan smiled for the camera, Keisse leant back beside his teammates and pretended he was having sex with her from behind. Related: Only in cycling could a sexual assault inspire a race’s advertising strategy Denuncian abuso sexual de un ciclista en la Vuelta a San Juan con una foto clave Related: Women's cycling needs its own Tour de France – not more vague promises Related: Cycling needs to lose its 'podium girls' | Suze Clemitson Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian