Knicks to re-evaluate Carmelo Anthony knee before Pistons game

06 Mar 2013 10:09:11



The New York Knicks said they would re-evaluate Carmelo Anthony's right knee before deciding whether he will play Wednesday against the Detroit Pistons.

Knicks coach Mike Woodson told New York-based radio station 98.7 Tuesday that the club's leading scorer is listed as day-to-day.

Woodson also said Anthony asked to be taken out of the National Basketball Association game before he tripped over his own feet at mid-court and then walked off to the dressing room.

Anthony did not return after hurting the knee in the first half of Monday's 102-97 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"Today, I just woke up, and you know how some days you really don't feel right," Anthony said after the game. "I came out here and I tried to warm up and I thought it was going to loosen up before the game, but some of the things that I was doing, I felt like I was dragging it."

Anthony said his knee had been bothering him the last couple of days. Team doctors conducted an MRI but it showed no structural damage.

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