Walcott's Mum: Theo was never naughty

04 November 2009

The mother of Arsenal and England winger Theo Walcott, Lynn, picked up the WSFF award for brands that have successfully supported and promoted women's sport in Britain for her 'McDonald's Mums On The Ball initiative' at The Sunday Times Sports Woman of the Year Awards 2009.

Sport.co.uk Editor Nigel Brown caught up with Mrs Walcott after the ceremony to chat about the 'McDonald's Mums On The Ball' initiative, her thoughts on Theo buying his long term girlfriend Melanie Slade a red Ferrari California; and setting the record straight on whether Theo was naughty boy growing up.

Mrs Walcott told Sport.co.uk:

“The campaign started in March 2008 and it suported 160 women, 200 in the end, to gain their Level 1 Coaching community coaching badge. It has gone on from success to success, and there are now women on Level 2. And, it's an on-going campaign.

“Yes, I am delighted to have received an award for this, but it was a complete surprise. We are all delighted that at the Sunday Times Sports Woman of the Year Awards, this has been one of the highest achievers.”

When asked whether she approved of Theo buying his girlfriend Melanie a red Ferrari California, Mrs Walcott revealed she was party to the surprise:

“It was a big surprise for Melanie. We were all in on it, and I think it is really nice when a chap can treat his girl with something like that.”

Mrs Walcott also revealed that Theo is loving life at Arsenal, and that she sees her son most days:

“You would be surprised I see him most days actually. He is really enjoying his time at Arsenal, and he would have liked to have been playing a bit more recently, but apart from that it can't be helped, and injuries have to be nurtured. And one of the pleasant things is he is never rushed, he is always given time for injuries to heal properly.”

was also intrigued to hear if Theo was a naughty boy growing up:

“No never, maybe when he was a tiny tot, but he was like most tiny tots and had the odd tantrum. Oh, maybe fighting with his brother. But isn't that what brothers do?!

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