Top Ten: Educated Footballers

15 September 2009

The stereotype is not harsh and it’s true the majority of them are unlikely to win Mastermind, but occasionally you do find a Premier League footballer who breaks the mould. Take a look at’s list of the Top Ten Educated Footballers. Making the grade is a former Chelsea and Blackburn defender who suffered intolerable chants due to his reading of The Guardian, a former West Ham midfielder now starring for England, and a former Crystal Palace and Reading manager who had a distinguished career for Manchester United. Who was to know Everton hero Barry Horne had a chemistry degree, or the former manager of Charlton and Coventry, Iain Dowie, once worked for British Aerospace? Newcastle United and Portsmouth once had a goalkeeper with a degree in mechanical engineering, while the ex-Leeds United and Bradford City stalwart David Wetherall got four A grades at A-level and a first class honours degree. Liverpool hero Steve Heighway gets a mention alongside Stoke City’s James Beattie. Can you think of any brain box footballers not on the list?

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