Sara Carbonero: There is no communication between the players and Mourinho

By 29 January 2013 02:55

The Spanish journalist – and girlfriend of Real Madrid keeper Iker Casillas, has said to a Mexican TV program that “it is an open secret that there is no communication between the players and Mourinho”.

This information has been picked up by nearly all Spanish press, and will add more fuel to the fire about Mourinho’s future. Rumours of rifts between players (mostly Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas) and the Portuguese manager have been prominent in the last few months; however last Thursday (24th Jan) Marca’s front page said “President, in June its Mourinho or us”. The newspaper reported that in a lunch of the president Florentino Pérez and the Real Madrid captains, Ramos and Casillas gave Florentino an ultimatum.

Marca was given a hard time in social networking sites for not listing their sources #MarcaMiente (Mara is lying) was trending topic in twitter during most of the day. On that same Thrusday, Florentino Pérez gave an urgent press conference to deny Marca’s claims of a rift at the club, he said (among other things) that “the objective that the press have in mind is to destabilise the club” and that “Resorting to lies isn’t ethical. This has happened in the past and today will be the last time”.

The next day (Friday 25th Jan) Marca ran the headline “Marca isn’t lying”. They published two of the messages that were sent to one of Marca’s journalists. The message from the journalists says “People are saying that even (name omitted) will leave if ** stays” (** is Mourinho) to which the other person replied “It’s not just (name omitted) I’m telling you there are a lot more”.

Until today, nothing more had been said on the subject, but with Sara Carbonero’s last remarks, people will be wondering whether Casillas is the mole handing journalists information or if indeed Sara was just giving the popular opinion of people in Spain regarding the subject.

Source: DSG