Manchester United closing in on former Brazil star's son

By 03 April 2013 04:25

Never one to rest on his laurels, talk is that Ferguson is already planning on how to improve his squad for next season in a bid to secure his ‘coming of age’ twenty-first league title and have a more concerted dip at the Champions’ League trophy. The key to his re-moulding of the midfield may lie in the son of former a Brazil star.

Mazinho featured as a midfielder and full back played for a number of clubs in Italy and Spain, when accumulating his 35 caps for the selecao, and his son Thiago Alcantara, now currently with Barcelona is the player that Fergie reportedly has his eyes on. It’s no surprise, or indeed insult, to say that the 21 year old’s chances of first team football for the Blaugrana have been somewhat restricted. Forming an impatient queue for a central midfield berth behind the likes of Xavi, Inietsa, Fabregas and others must be the most difficult of bench sitting duties, but his tuition on the finer arts of the game have been well-honed in Catalunya.

It’s been rumoured that a £15million bid from United was rejected by Barca during the summer of 2011, when the, then even younger, Alcantara had yet to break into the first team squad at the Camp Nou. At that time, the youngster was keen to pursue his chances with Barca, and the club was yet to establish how he would rank in the output of gems quarried from al Cantara. Now however, the player is keen to enjoy first eleven status, and has reached the conclusion that this may need to be at another club. Patience may be a virtue, but it does little for a nascent international career and a player keen to participate in the World Cup in his father’s country of birth. A move to Old Trafford, hardly to be viewed as a step down in status, may therefore now appeal.

It’s likely that if Barcelona should decide that Alcantara can leave, united won’t be the only option on the table. Clubs in Spain, as well as Italy, will doubtless also be keen to consider the option of signing him, and the petro-dollars in the PSG bank account may also come into play, but United have a keen and established interest in the player and it’s understood that preliminary talks may have already taken place. Fergie will be keen to secure a player who can fit into Paul Scholes’ boots, and although they’re mighty big boots to fill, Thiago Alcantara may just have the pedigree and ability to be the guy that Fergie thinks can do it.

Source: DSG