Liverpool legend: You can see why he wanted to celebrate in front of them

15 September 2009 - 09:47



The former Liverpool and Tottenham midfielder Jamie Redknapp believes Manchester City star Emmanuel Adebayor should not be banned for his celebration ion front of the Arsenal fans in the face of vile abuse. The Sky Sports pundit believes the striker should be banned for his challenge on Robin van Persie but not for the goal celebration, as footballers can not be expected to be emotionless.

Redknapp told the Daily Mail: “It helps to have played the game to really understand the emotions involved: the abuse from other players, the insults from opposition supporters and even from your own supporters.”

“Then there is the hate mail and the abusive phone calls when someone gets hold of your number and passes it around and that's before the messageboards and phone-ins, where every fan now feels he has a voice and the right to attack players and managers.”

“It's not just what you endure personally, either. It's your wife in the street or on the school run, your parents, your friends. And your children in the school playground. When the chance of retaliation comes, control is difficult to maintain. The emotion wins the day.”
“I remember recovering from a long injury lay-off and sitting stewing on the bench for Liverpool, not getting as much match action as I thought I deserved. We were playing Newcastle and when I was finally sent on, I rose above Duncan Ferguson to score a rare header and win the game.”

“I ran as fast as I could towards the manager, my own manager, Gerard Houllier. I screamed every expletive imaginable in his direction.”

“It was an explosion of emotion. The injustice overcomes you. Like me, Emmanuel Adebayor thought his goal proved a point.”
“It has been said that scoring a goal is better than sex - I'd better not admit if that is true or not as my wife reads the Daily Mail - but it gives you a rush of adrenaline.”

“Add that to Adebayor's mum allegedly being called a 'whore' by some Arsenal fans during the game and you can see why he wanted to celebrate in front of them.”

“It was his retaliation; I'm not condoning it, but before condemning it, we should all consider the emotions involved.”
“I played with Robbie Fowler when he 'snorted the line' in the derby game.”

“He had been persistently accused, falsely, of taking drugs. Then he scored a penalty at the away end and he just snapped. Even when Steve McManaman tried to drag him away, he went back down on his knees for more. He felt it was time he had a voice.”
“Ban Adebayor for the stamp, but the celebration of a goal is part of the entertainment of football.”

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