Lachter: I'm still Arshavin's agent!

07 July 2009

Fifa registered agent Dennis Lachter has denied suggestions that he is no longer representing Arsenal’s midfielder Andrey Arshavin and stressed that he is contracted to work for the player for another eighteen months. The news comes only days after the Russian international revealed he had sent a letter severing ties with the agent due to Lachter’s inability to fulfil his role because of familial responsibilities.

Speaking exclusively to Lachter denied that he had been sacked stating:

“We have a contract; this contract will be finished in one and a half years. Until then, I am the manager of Andrey Arshavin.”

Comments from Arshavin had suggested that Lachter’s role as the father of a newborn son was hindering his ability to travel to London, however, the agent disagreed:

“First my baby was born on the 14th January and if you must know I wasn’t at home with my wife for most of her pregnancy. I spent eleven months working on this transfer. That means all this time, from the beginning to the birth, I was working on a daily basis on this transfer.

“Secondly, it’s quite strange to hear because Andrey Arshavin doesn’t ask anybody about pregnancy or the newborn baby when he needs me in England and I’ve been there back and forth more than thirty times in the last year. I’ve spent my time, my knowledge, my professionalism and my own money.

“It’s quite strange that this is the reason suggested that I now can’t fulfil my duties six months after my son is born and five months plus after the contract with Arsenal was signed.”

Asked about whether he had received a letter from the Russian, Lachter continued:

“He sent me a letter, absolutely. Listen, it’s like entering a contract with Arsenal or anybody else; there are obligations. If you think that you can just cancel this formal relationship between two parties only because of a newborn baby it’s…what can you say…well you can’t do it. That’s it. I’m his agent.”

Comments attributed to Lachter this morning claimed that the agent had suggested that Barcelona make a bid for Arshavin this summer. However, he again denied that he had said anything of the sort:

“This is the first time I’ve heard anything about these comments. I haven’t spoken with anybody and it’s quite strange to hear. It appears I’m getting quite famous again, but also that somebody is just trying to use my name.

“I’ve never spoken with Barcelona and I think that somebody is just trying to get a story. All this stuff is made up. Two months ago I heard a lot about some kind of conflict between Arshavin and other Arsenal players. It’s bullshit you know.

“I would say that it looks like your media colleagues are just trying to find some hot news.”