Crying shame for Hodgson as Fulham look doomed

06 April 2008
Fulham boss Roy Hodgson admits the club's relegation plight has brought him to the verge of tears and reveals that he is struggling to pick up his 'devastated' players. Saturday's 3-1 defeat at home to Sunderland left Hodgson's men six points from safety with only five games remaining and it appears their seven-year stay in the top flight is over. And Hodgson acknowledged the loss - the club's 17th of the season - had left him angry.

"I've got to say I'm fairly low myself at this moment," said Hodgson. "I didn't come into this game thinking we were going to lose it.

"Nothing certainly in the first 30 or 40 minutes of the game really gave me the impression that I was going to be standing here with tears in my eyes speaking to you now. But that's what I'm doing and that's where I am.

"I'm a little bit angry I suppose. That word disappointment seems to crop up everywhere these days - someone needs to give me a word other than disappointment, I'm sick of hearing it."

Hodgson also revealed that he will have to pick himself up before he can lift his players.

He said: "I suppose to some extent I've got to try and first of all get myself in the right frame of mind for Monday, and then I'll start trying to do something to help them prepare for the next game.

"They (the players) are going to be devastated, there's no doubt.

"Am I going to put an arm round them? We've got some players who are out the team who don't want my arm around them, because they think they're fantastic players and they can't understand why I've left them out of the team.

"Other players who are really giving their all for the club maybe need an arm around them, so there's no simple answer to that question."